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Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, it can be hard to find ski boots that fit. Luckily, there are some great options on the market right now that will work for even the widest of feet. Here are our top five picks: Lange RX The RX is one of the best boots for wide feet. It … Read more
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What Are Ski Pants Made Of

Ski pants are a vital part of your skiing gear. They protect you from the cold and wind, but more importantly, they keep snow out of your boots and prevent your legs from getting wet when you fall. Ski pants come in many different styles and materials, so it’s important to understand what makes each … Read more

How Long Should Ski Sticks Be

Skiing is a fun and exciting sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The most important part about skiing is having the right equipment and knowing how to use it properly. When it comes to ski poles, there are several factors to consider before purchasing them such as length, material and weight … Read more
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How Long Should Ski Be

Skiing is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. A variety of factors can impact how long your skis should be, including type, style and height. Skier’s Height and Weight Ultimately, a skier’s height and weight will be critical in determining the right size ski. The following chart should help you … Read more
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How Should Ski Jacket Fit

A good ski jacket is a necessity for any winter activity. It protects you from the elements, provides warmth and keeps you dry. But it’s not enough to just look at a jacket and assume that it will fit right. You need to know how to choose a jacket that will provide the best possible … Read more
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How Should Ski Helmet Fit

When you go skiing, you should always wear a helmet. The ski helmet is designed to protect your head from injuries that may be caused by accidents or falls on the slopes. It is also important to wear it correctly so that it will protect your head and keep it still during the fall. The … Read more
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How Should Ski Boots Fit

If you’re new to skiing, you’re probably wondering how to make sure your boots fit. We’ll break down how ski boots should fit in length, width, and flex so that you know what to look for before you buy a pair of skis. 1. Check the length of your boots First, check the length of … Read more
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How Should Ski Pants Fit

Ski pants are so much more than something to protect your legs from the cold. They can be a stylish and functional part of your skiing outfit, but only if you get the right size and fit. Keep reading to learn how to make sure that your ski pants fit perfectly! Waist The waist measurement … Read more