Do Knee Boards Come in Different Sizes 2024

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A kneeboard is a watersport accessory that supports someone’s body while they are being towed behind a speedboat. Generally, kneeboards come in two different sizes. The bottom of the board is designed to accommodate the knees and hands during use. Do Knee Boards Come in Different Sizes? There are two standard sizes for knee boards. … Read more

How Do I Choose a Knee Board 2024

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If you’re looking to get into kneeboarding, there are a lot of options out there. Kneeboarding is a fun and exciting way to spend time on the water and it’s easy to learn if you have the right equipment. Which kneeboard is best The best kneeboard for you depends on what you want to do … Read more

What Cars Come With Paddle Shifters 2022

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Paddle shifters are devices that allow drivers to change gears without using the conventional gear shift lever. Paddle shifters became popular in the early 2000s with the introduction of sports cars such as the Ferrari 360 and Lamborghini Gallardo. Nowadays, paddle shifters can be found in a variety of cars ranging from economy sedans to … Read more

HO Joker Kneeboard 2022

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The Ho Joker Kneeboard, designed by Tony Klarich in 1994, is now a go-to choice for Kneeboarders. Its tried-and-true symmetrical design and high performance profile are preferred among both beginners and experienced shredders. The square tip and tail provides extra stability during tricks, while the 2-stage rocker design keeps things smooth whether you’re on or … Read more

What Is A Tandem Kayak 2022

A tandem kayak is a two-person boat that has a cockpit in the middle and seats either one or two people on each side. Because there is more power available when paddling together, tandem kayaks are generally simpler to handle than single kayaks. They’re also quicker because they have less drag from both persons fighting … Read more

Best Paddleboard Kayak Hybrid

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Both paddle boards and kayaks share many similarities, so why not group them together to make a trifecta of awesomeness for both you and your legs. Paddle boarders often get tired and need to sit down, but without back support, this can lead to lower back problems like a slipped disk. I recently dealt with … Read more

How To Choose A Paddleboard for SUP Yoga

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After practicing Yoga on a SUP board and getting first-hand experience of how great it is, you may have decided that buying your own SUP Yoga board is the next step. After all, SUP Yoga is a fantastic way to get out on the water and enjoy it. The practice of Yoga has a different … Read more

Kneeboard For Beginners Guide (2022)

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Kneeboarding is an excellent watersport to do during the summer Months. You will not only learn how to ride the wake, but there are also plenty of opportunities for tricks and complicated maneuvers. If you’re a fan of beach boards, then getting a kneeboard should be on your must-do list. Kneeboarding is a great way … Read more

Best Wakeboard for Beginners Kids

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With people’s lives becoming more and more hectic, they are trying to find ways to relax and enjoy themselves. One of the most popular activities for doing this is wakeboarding. Nowadays, this sport isn’t only famous among adults–parents also involve their beginner kids so that they can taste different things and become more active. This … Read more

The Funboard Buying Guide for Beginners

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The sport of surfing has changed a lot over the years, and so have surfboards. Some are smaller than they used to be while others are wider. This is especially true for funboards, which are medium-sized boards. This guide will explore the parts of funboards, their advantages and disadvantages, and reveal three models that will … Read more

Surfboard Tails Explained

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The back end of your surfboard, often called the “tail,” is key to how responsive your board is. This is because water flows last along the tail and affects how your board behaves in moving water. The flatter and bulkier your tail is, the more stable your board will be. Smaller tails will sink a … Read more

Transitioning to a Shortboard

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After you’ve mastered your longboard, it’s time to move on to a more agile shortboard. Here you’ll discover all the information you need for that transition. When to Transition to a Shortboard Many surfers ride shortboards before they are ready, leading to frustration and a longer learning curve. A shortboard is a small, nippy boat … Read more

How to Stand Up On a Surfboard

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The pop up is the hardest part of surfing for most beginners. Even though catching a wave is often easy, and riding it can be simple for new surfers, it’s the in-between stage where newbies spend most of their time wiping out. In order to stand on a surfboard: Position your hands on the board … Read more

Can You Go Surfing with Contact Lenses

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Around 75% of Americans wear glasses or contact lenses. It’s not surprising that the question comes up frequently: “Can you surf with contact lenses?” The short answer is that you shouldn’t, but you can. Simply put, it’s a question of risk management. While surfing, wearing contact lenses comes with certain dangers, but it is up … Read more

Advanced Surfing

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After you’ve perfected the basics of surfing, such as catching a wave and popping up on your board, you can start attempting more advanced tricks. The moves described below are some of the simplest maneuvers that fall into the category of “advanced.” Snap The snap, or slash as it’s coined in some parts of the … Read more

How to Turn on a Surfboard

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You’ve finally mastered standing on a surfboard without wiping out and you can ride the waves straight to shore. The next level for your surfing skills is learning how to turn. Check out this guide for a few basic steps on turning while surfing. You need to use both your body and feet to turn … Read more

What are Surfboards Made of

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When it comes to contemporary surfboards, the terms “fiberglass” or “epoxy” are frequently used incorrectly. When it comes to surfboard materials, the distinctions are much more complicated, and they’re usually a mix of both. Surfboards are most often constructed of polyurethane or polystyrene foam. The foam is then covered in fiberglass and a waterproof resin … Read more

The Best Cars for Surfers

What makes a vehicle one of the best cars for surfers? When it comes to selecting one of the best cars for surfers, there are certain features that make a vehicle stand out. Firstly, it should have enough space to fit a surfboard, either in the trunk or on the roof. Secondly, it should have … Read more

How to Wax A Foam Surfboard

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The surfing industry has tried to develop surfboards with gripping technology, but it’s not quite there yet — at least not to the point where you could get away without using surf wax. Soft top surfboards are included in this category. Yes, you must wax your foamie board. But, when waxing foamies, there are certain … Read more

Hard vs Soft Surfboard Rails

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The rails that run along the board’s length from the tail to the nose are known as surfboard rails. Your hands would be cupping around the surfboard rails if you were to grab a board and hold it up in front of you. The curvatures on different boards’ rails are various. The way that your … Read more

Surfboard Rocker Explained

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The curvature of a surfboard’s nose to tail is known as the rocker. Although surfboards appear flat, they are typically slightly curved and resemble a banana in form. The amount of turn your board has will determine how easily it glides through and over the water. The surfboard has rocker in three places: inside the … Read more