Kneeboard For Beginners Guide (2022)

Kneeboarding is an excellent watersport to do during the summer Months. You will not only learn how to ride the wake, but there are also plenty of opportunities for tricks and complicated maneuvers. If you’re a fan of beach boards, then getting a kneeboard should be on your must-do list.

Kneeboarding is a great way to have fun and push yourself. With the right kneeboard, you can learn new tricks and improve your skills.

We’ve put up the most comprehensive list of kneeboards available. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best kneeboards and provided the most important purchasing advice to assist you in selecting the right board for your needs and skill level.

What Is A Kneeboard

Kneeboards are designed for riders to enjoy the wake of a boat while kneeling on the board and holding a tow rope. The top of these boards have padding for comfortable kneeling, as well as straps to keep riders in place.

Kneeboarding is a fun pastime for beginners and experts alike. If you’re not familiar with water sports that ride the wake of a boat, kneeboarding is one of the finest entry points because takeoffs and regulating your balance are quite simple.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Kneeboard

The sort of kneeboard you pick will have a significant impact on your water experience. Here are some key things to think about while shopping for a kayak kneeboard.

Shape and Size

Kneeboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own level of performance. Some boards have symmetrical outlines, some rounded tips, and some flat edges. Each of these forms interacts differently with the wake.

Choosing between a beginner and a performance board is the most crucial aspect. Beginner boards are generally thicker and flatter, with greater stability. Performance boards may have various bends and design features to make them more responsive to the rider’s motions.

Kneeling Pad

Comfort is an essential element of kneeboarding. If the top of the board is hard and unpleasant, you won’t enjoy yourself on a fast, bumpy journey. The board should have a cushioned top with comfortable knee compartments to assist with this. Whoever intends on riding the device should be able to comfortably ride it in this size range.

Kneeboards include adjustable straps that keep you securely in place. The thicker and more cushioning these straps are, the better.

Fins and Bottom

The bottom of a kneeboard might differ in shape and size. Some have flat bottoms, while others have more rounded bottoms or fins. This has an impact on the board’s performance.

In general, boards with round edges and a rounded bottom are better for advanced kneeboarding, while those that are flatter work best for beginners. If the board has fins, it will be easier to turn and steer.

Weight and Materials

Of course, you want the kneeboard to last as long as possible. As a result, select kneeboards that are constructed from impact-resistant and corrosion-proof materials. For optimum results, use a marine-grade aluminum.

The size, shape, and construction of the board all impact its weight. Lightweight kneeboards are convenient to transport, store, and use. The majority of kneeboarders prefer a lightweight board since it makes life simpler.


Kneeboards may be attached to a boat’s tow rope with a built-in hook. It might be beneficial for novices who wish to start without using their hands. A hook is not required, but it can be useful since it makes the board more adaptable in application.

7 Best Kneeboards

Are you looking for the ideal kneeboard? We’ve put together a list of the top seven kneeboards on the market right now. These boards are appropriate for all types of riders and skill levels.

O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard

  • Integrated hook
  • Padded adjustable strap
  • Variable beveled edge
  • Molded fins at each corner

O’Brien’s Kneeboard is the ideal board for novices due to its smooth and forgiving ride. The sturdy board allows you to really push the wake and put the board on edge, which is fantastic for learning how to knee board and ride the wake. You have a lot of control and stability, making it an excellent place to learn how to knee board and ride the wake.

The board has a beveled edge and four molded fins. These corner fins increase tracking in the water, allowing for better control and stability. An adjustable cushioned strap keeps you comfortable while riding. Due to the gentle curve at the tail of the board, riders can also roll from side to side.

The O’Brien Voodoo kneeboard is designed with a half-inch EVA pad to keep things pleasant. This is softly molded to fit your knees and ankles exactly in position, making it extremely comfortable. There’s also a hook on the front of the board that allows you to start easily with no hands. It becomes ever more convenient and pleasant to learn how to knee board.

Leader Accessories Kneeboard

  • Corrosion-proof and marine-grade materials
  • Molded-in hook
  • EVA padding with deep knee wells
  • Beveled edge

The Leader Accessories Kneeboard is a wonderful choice for kneeboarders of all skill levels. This board provides excellent balance, fast cuts, and stability. On this comfortable and sturdy board, you may quickly learn to kneeboard or use it for more complex techniques. If you’re searching for a cheap kneeboard that everyone will like riding, this is an outstanding option.

Highly durable and corrosion-proof marine-grade materials make this kneeboard exceptionally long lasting. In addition, it features a heavy-duty EVA adjustable strap and a deep EVA foam pad for total comfort while you’re kneeling on the board. The strap gives you full control so that you can make any kind of turns or cuts while remaining firmly positioned in one place. Plus, the deep walls help to cushion your ride and reduce bouncing for an even more comfortable experience.

The beveled edge on the board provides a smooth cutting experience while also keeping the user stable. Additionally, the molded-in hook can support riders who want to start without using their hands. This is perfect for beginners. In conclusion, this kneeboard is versatile and long lasting, making it ideal for all types of riders.

Maxflo Knee Board

  • Lightweight aerodynamic design
  • Heavy-duty padded strap
  • Versatile for all ages and sizes
  • Corrosion-proof marine-grade materials

It’s not every day that you come across a kneeboard with such an incredible design. The aerodynamic build offers riders a different and premium experience. This board is also lightweight, weighing in at under 9lbs but still maintaining a rigid build for excellent performance. You’ll have no trouble taking this board wherever you go or storing it away–its size makes it very convenient. Plus, the size to performance ratio on this kneeler is excellent.

The board is perfect for all ages and rivers of all sizes. Thanks to the integrated hook, users can do easy hands-free takeoffs. The EVA contoured pad offers plenty of depth and room for comfortable kneeling, no matter how bumpy the ride is. Plus, the entire board is made from marine-grade, corrosion-resistant materials.

The Maxflo kneeboard is perfect for anyone who loves spending time on the water. The board is lightweight and durable, making it a great addition to any boat.

Barley Kneeboard With Hook Strap

  • W-shape tip and tail
  • Deep EVA knee pad
  • Integrated handle hook
  • Marine-grade corrosion-resistant material

Barley’s Kneeboard is a more complicated model with several outstanding performance characteristics. The board has a professional roto-molded fin design that allows for all sorts of water tricks and turns. The W-shaped tail makes it easier to remove the boat from the wake. All of this adds up to smooth turning and total control.

The board is incredibly durable, made from LLDPE and EVA materials. It’s also lightweight, easy to carry and maneuver. The deep EVA knee pad has plenty of space for comfortable kneeling on bumpy rides. This pad, combined with the adjustable strap, makes sure that you are always firmly held into position while making sharp turns–comfortable or not.

The board’s easy maneuverability makes it a versatile choice for all kinds of kneeboarders, even beginners.

SereneLife Kneeboard

  • Marine-grade and corrosion-proof materials
  • Form-fitting knee slots for all ages
  • Adjustable safety strap
  • Lightweight and compact design

The SereneLife kneeboard is ideal for newcomers and experts alike. This board has a lightweight construction. It’s simple to take with you on the road or aboard your boat. Its corrosion-proof and marine-grade materials make it quite long-lasting as well.

This kneeboard’s deep form-fitting kneeling pad on top makes it comfortable for everyone to use. This is soft enough to provide a lot of comfort while riding. The hook may be used to assist with simple hands-free starts for novices.

This kneeboard has all of the features you’ll need for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. It includes a thick adjustable strap, a sturdy and lightweight construction, and a comfy kneeling pad. This board will work well whether you want to perform a few tricks or just cruise in the wake.

Hydroslide Havoc Kneeboard

  • Patented ultra-thin profile design
  • Deep EVA knee wells
  • Water tension relief design
  • Patented hydro hook tow point

If you’re searching for a performance kneeboard, this is a good option. The Hydroslide Havoc kneeboard is designed for adults who want to get the most out of their board. The progressive edge is round in the center and sharp at the end, allowing the board to move and cut quite fiercely. To make it more responsive and easy to turn, there’s a unique water tension relief pattern at the bottom of the board.

In addition to its performance shape and design, this kneeboard comes with all of the features you crave. It has a comfortable EVA padded deck with deep knee wells, as well as a 3-inch padded strap for added comfort while in use. Plus, it also boasts a special hook tow point that allows for hands-free kneeboarding – perfect for those who want to enjoy the ride without having to worry about holding on tight!

HO Joker Kneeboard

  • Square tip and tail shape
  • 2-stage rocker design
  • Locking edge channels
  • Dual-density knee pad

The HO Joker kneeboard is one of the highest-performing kneeboards available. The HO Joker kneeboard may appear frightening due to its attention-grabbing design, but this board is a dream to ride. It’s built for speed and has all the bells and whistles you’ll need for shredding.

The square-tip and -tail shape helps you get the most pop possible off of all wake sizes, while the 2-stage rocker design makes it easier to maneuver. With symmetrical profiling and locking edge channels, this board gives you the best ride possible.

The kneeboard has a number of features that influence its usability and comfort. To keep you in the correct posture, there is a thick dual-density knee pad. This accommodates all body types for an easy ride. The kneeboard is perfect for novices and shredders alike because it offers excellent versatility.

The Coolest Kneeboard Tricks

While kneeboarding, you’re Back flip not limited to just cruising in the wake; there are plenty of tricks you can do! Here are some of the coolest.

  • Turning: A simple but vital technique for quickly turning and changing course in the wake.
  • Ollie: A move performed by jumping into the air without using the wake.
  • Jumping the wake: When you leap into the air and over the wake.
  • The 180-degree surface turn: When you do a complete about-face while riding on the water’s surface.
  • Surface 360: When you perform a 360-degree turn on the surface of the water.
  • A butter slide is when you stand with your body parallel to the board, and ride it sideways.
  • Front to back: When you rapidly spin 360 degrees in the wake after releasing tension in the tow rope.
  • The rearroll is when a wakeboarder or surfer rides the wake by sitting on the leading edge and holding that position.
  • To perform a front flip, start by boosting into the air over the wake. As you reach the apex of your jump, begin flipping forward. Once you’ve completed the rotation, land back in the water and continue skiing.

Where Can You Buy A Knee Board

At any decent watersports or ship supply shop, you should be able to locate a kneepad. Just keep in mind that there are many different sorts of kneeboards on the market, so you won’t always find a wide range at most shops. As a result, purchasing a kneeboard online is strongly recommended since it gives you the greatest possible choice.


If you or your kids love getting out on the water, then a kneeboard is a great investment. Kneeboarding is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

When selecting a kneeboard, take into account your personal preferences to ensure you have the best experience possible. With all of the available options, be mindful of the small details that set each board apart from one another.


Should a kneeboard have fins?

Kneeboards come with or without fins. The fins enhance the board’s steering and turning performance. They aren’t required, but they are a nice addition for those seeking more speed.

Do kneeboards have a weight limit?

The maximum weight capacity varies by board. For kneeboards, a weight limit of around 350 pounds is typical.

How much do knee boards weigh?

The weight varies depending on the board and the materials used. The majority of heavy kneeboards weigh around 15 pounds, while some light kneeboards weigh less than 9 pounds.

What is easier, kneeboarding or wakeboarding?

Overall, kneeboarding is much easier for beginners. This largely has to do with the fact that you don’t need as much skill or strength to take off on a kneeboard, and they’re also more balanced than other types of boards. Additionally, many brands will include hooks on their boards so riders can takeoff without needing to use their hands.

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