How Should Ski Gloves Fit

Finally, ski gloves should be tight fitting and have around 2cm of space at the top of your fingers when your hands are extended and inside them. You should also make sure that your entire palm, as well as ideally your entire wrist, is fully covered.

I’ve been skiing for most of my life and have used nearly every sort of ski apparel and gear imaginable. I’ve learnt how to obtain a correctly fitting ski glove through personal experience.

This post will teach you how to measure your ski gloves. My goal is to assist you in finding a pair of gloves that keep you warm and comfortable while skiing. Every skier should have properly fitting gloves. 

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Ski Gloves Fit

To determine if a ski glove is properly sized, you must try it on. This is the only method to ensure that they fit your hand correctly. If you’re familiar with a certain brand’s sizes, you could possibly know them, but trying them on before purchasing is always advised.

The general guideline is that you need somewhat more space in the fingers when wearing gloves and your hands are entirely extended. I believe 1/4 inch is the ideal amount of extra room for a good fit.

The first step is to put your hands into the ski gloves.

After they’ve passed over your hands, open them all the way up. To assess how much extra fabric there is, pinch the area above your fingers. If it feels like there’s about 1 / 4 inch of excess material, you have a good pair of gloves on.

That’s not the only way to get a good fit. You also want to make sure the bottom of the glove covers your entire palm. This ensures that your whole hand is kept warm and dry in the winter or snow. If they reach all the way up to your elbow, that’s even better.

After that, you should pay attention to your gloves’ tightness. This is somewhat of a personal choice, but you want to make sure they aren’t too tight or loose. They should not slip off as you handle them.

If the gloves are too tight, it may impede blood flow, resulting in pain and making your hands chilly quickly. If the gloves are too loose, they will allow snow and wind inside, which is not desirable. They may also fall off easily if you suffer a bad spill.

Measuring Your Hands

If you can’t try on the gloves in person, such as when purchasing them online, you may still make an educated selection by measuring your hand.

To do so, take your palm and extend your longest finger until the tip of your thumb. Then, compare the measurement to the manufacturer’s specs to determine a size that will work best.

After you’ve got the gloves on, you should do the pinch test and try them on. This is only to ensure that they are in fact the correct size. If they aren’t, return them to the manufacturer for another pair.

Make sure the gloves come with a return policy in mind.

Ski Glove Sizes

Skis are not always compatible with mittens, so ski gloves are generally available in a range of sizes. Once you’ve determined your correct size, this can help you get a glove that fits well whenever it’s time for a new pair.

The size of each glove may vary slightly from one brand to the next, so it’s critical to try them on before buying to ensure that the given measurement matches your real hand measurements.


Here are some brief answers to some commonly asked questions about how ski gloves should fit.

How do you determine ski glove size? 

The size of your hand determines the size of your ski glove. The simplest method to determine your correct size is to try on gloves and make sure they fit correctly, as described in this article. You may also measure the length of your hand from its lowest point to its highest point.

How tight should liner gloves be? 

Liner gloves should fit snugly enough to stay on without falling off, but not so tight that blood flow is restricted. If they are too tight and restrict blood flow, your hands may become chilly. They can bunch up and become ineffective if they are too loose.

Do ski gloves go over or under jacket? 

This is determined by the gloves’ style and your own preferences. I prefer gloves with an outside cuff that has a wrist cinch-cord, but others like them under the jacket too.


In general, ski gloves should fit snuggly around your hand with about 2cm of extra material in the fingers when your hand is completely stretched out. They should also span the breadth of your palm and not be either tight or loose.

Gloves that aren’t fit correctly may lead to pain and blisters, which can be really inconvenient. I assure you that having the right fit is crucial. Good fitting gloves will keep you warm and comfortable while you sled down the slopes.