Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet 2023


Ski boots vary in size, from narrow to wide. If your feet are on the wider side, you might find it difficult to find a ski boot that is comfortable for you.

Wide fit ski boots can accommodate wider feet by providing extra room in the toe box and around the ankle area, which allows for better circulation when on the slopes for long periods of time.

They also eliminate pressure on areas such as toes and heels that may be caused by regular-sized ski boots.

When choosing a pair of wide fit ski boots, keep in mind that they may not be as stiff or lightweight as their traditional counterparts but will provide comfort over any distance while skiing if properly sized and fitted correctly according to your foot type.

What Are Wide Fit Ski Boots?

A wide fit ski boot is one that is made to be wider than regular boots. Wide fitting ski boots are designed for those with wider feet, so if you have a wider foot or your toes tend to splay out on their own, then this is the type of ski boot for you!

The benefits of having a pair of wide fit boots include:

  • More room in the toe box area – more space means less pinching and discomfort while skiing

  • A better fit around the heel – most skiers find it easier to get into these types of boots because they don’t have as much pressure on their heels as other models do

How Do I Know If I Need Wide Ski Boots?

There are a few ways to determine if you have wide feet. The first is by checking the width of your current ski boots, if they’re too narrow and uncomfortable, then this may be an indication that you should get new ones.

You can also measure the width of your feet and calf at home with a measuring tape or ruler. If these measurements are larger than average (meaning they fall outside of an “average” range), then it’s likely that the ski boots will not fit properly without being widened first.

Another way to check whether or not you have wide feet is by asking friends who have wide skis whether or not their own boots fit comfortably on them; if so, then chances are good that yours will fit just fine as well!

K2 BFC 100 Ski Boots

K2 BFC 100 Ski Boots are a great option for wide feet. The women’s specific last is narrower than the men’s version and has a lower instep, which makes it easier to get into these boots.

Once you do get them on your feet, though, they’ll provide plenty of support and comfort thanks to their fully molded liner and high-density foam footbeds.

The K2 BFC 100 also comes with an automatic buckles system that makes it super easy to adjust your bindings without any extra tools required–a feature that can be especially handy if you’re trying out different skis while on the mountain!

Dalbello DS MX 75 Ski Boots

If you are looking for a wide ski boot that offers a comfortable fit, the Dalbello DS MX 75 Ski Boots should be on your list of options. These boots were designed specifically for skiers with wider feet and they feature an anatomical shape that provides support while still allowing you to move freely.

The boots have a reinforced shell that makes them durable enough to withstand any kind of weather conditions. They also include an adjustable cuff buckle so you can customize the fit as needed throughout the day or seasonally if necessary.

These boots come in two different sizes (35-40 & 41+) which makes them perfect even if you have very large feet!

Atomic Hawx Magna 130 S GW Ski Boots

Atomic Hawx Magna 130 S GW Ski Boots are a great ski boot for wide feet. They are lightweight and comfortable, with a good fit and support. The price is also good, as well as durable and long-life. It comes in different colors and sizes so you can choose the one that fits your style best!

Nordica Cruise 90 Ski Boots

If you’re looking for a pair of boots that will fit your wide feet, the Nordica Cruise 90 Ski Boots are a great option. They are made with a 90mm last and have a roomy instep and toe box for ample space in the forefoot. The tongue is padded for comfort, and the liner can be heat molded to customize its fit to your foot shape.

Full Tilt Descendant 100 Ski Boots

Full Tilt’s Descendant 100 ski boots are a great option for skiers with wide feet. They have a 100 flex and last, which means they’re designed to be stiff and supportive enough to handle aggressive skiing.

The boot also comes in a wide fit, so it can accommodate wider feet without feeling too tight or constricting.

The 100 mm shell and liner are ideal for people who have larger calves, while the tongue is made of heat-moldable EVA foam that allows you to customize your fit even further–perfect if you don’t want any extra pressure on sensitive spots like the top of the boot or under your ankle bone.

The buckle system features two different latching styles: one for easy entry/exit off the chairlift; another that gives better ankle support once you get going down hill. 

Finally, there’s plenty of room inside this model thanks to its large toe box design which prevents pressure points from forming around sensitive areas like toes during long days spent skiing hard lines through powder fields or moguls at higher speeds than usual!

Tecnica Mach1 HV 120 Ski Boots

Tecnica Mach1 HV 120 ski boots are a great choice for skiers with wide feet. These boots have a lightweight construction, making them comfortable and easy to wear on the slopes.

The boot also has a soft flex rating, which allows you to bend your knees easily while skiing.

The Mach1 HV 120 has an extra-high cuff that reaches up over the top of your calf muscle for added support and protection from injury during high-impact activities like skiing or snowboarding.

How To Choose A Wide Ski Boot?

Choosing a wide ski boot can be a bit of a challenge. There are many things to consider, such as how wide the boot is, how well it fits and whether or not it’s comfortable to walk in.

You’ll also need to make sure that the boot fits your foot and calf properly so that you can enjoy skiing without any pain or discomfort during your session on the slopes.

What Are Wide Fit Ski Boots?

The term “wide fit” is used to describe ski boots that are designed for skiers with wide feet. They differ from regular ski boots in several ways and can be beneficial for those who have wide feet.

Wide fit ski boots tend to have a wider toe box, which means there’s more room for your toes to move around inside the boot without pinching or getting cramped up.

This also helps reduce pressure on your instep and ankle bones and improves overall comfort while skiing.

If you’re looking for a new pair of skis but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one pair of skis that might not even fit properly–or if you already own some nice skis but hate how tight they feel after just one day on the mountain–then investing in a pair of wide-fitting options might be worth considering!



How do you wear ski boots with wide calves?

Stretch the boot: Before putting on a new pair of ski boots, it’s recommended that you stretch them out a bit. This will help them mold more closely to your foot and ankle as well as make them more comfortable.

Can you get wide ski touring boots?

Yes, you can get wide ski touring boots. You just need to know what to look for.
A wider last: In general, most boot companies’ lasts are not designed for wide feet. However, there are some manufacturers (like Dalbello) that offer skintainers with a wider last option.


With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose the best ski boot for your needs. The best way to do this is by finding out what type of skiing you do and what type of foot shape you have.

You should also consider how much money you want spend on new equipment before making any decisions about which boots are right for you!