How Long Is a Longboard

You can never go wrong by considering the size of an item before making a purchase, whether you’re buying clothes, shoes or any other type of product. The same goes for longboards – make sure to measure it out before you buy!

As a longboard lover, you need to know how to stand on a good-sized longboard. The most frequently asked question when riding a longboard is how to obtain the ideal size. You will discover your most desired answer in this article. The purpose of this essay is to make an important point and assist you in making an informed decision.

What Does Longboard Size Mean

The longboard size refers to the width of the deck. The length and width of the board are defined by the size. When you’re picking out a longboard, keep this information in mind. Make sure to pay attention to both sides’ dimensions.

Longboards can be divided into four categories depending on their length and breadth:

  • Micro Deck Longboard

The length of this longboard deck is about 27.2-27.6 inches long. The width is 6.5-6.75 inches wide. Micro deck longboards are ideal for children between the ages of 5 and 7 years old.

  • Mini Deck Longboard

The mini deck longboard is a smaller board, measuring in at about 28 inches long and 7.0 inches wide. This size makes it the perfect choice for children who are shorter than 3 ft 5 inches.

  • Mid-size Deck Longboard

The average height of a young person is around 5 feet. Most mid-size longboards are designed for riders who are shorter than 5’3″. The deck length is 29 inches, and the width is 7.3 inches.

  • Full-size Deck Longboard

A full-size longboard is significantly larger than a regular size. The deck can be up to 29 inches in length and much wider, about 7.5 inches or more. This board is ideal for both young children and adults who are taller than 5 ft. 3 inches.

Two key things you must consider are your height and what kind of longboarding you want to do. Here’s a closer look:

Your Height

When it comes to selecting and purchasing a longboard, the length is a major consideration. Because of altitude, the lengthy boards for cruisers can vary. If you are tall, choose a board that is at least 38 inches long.

Tall individuals have longer and larger feet, so they require a lot of room to get on. Because of the small size, you may run into some distressing events. As a result, you must select the appropriate one. The average length of a longboard for normal longboarders is 32 to 42 inches. However, if you’re a short cruiser, you can opt for a 29-inch longboard instead.

To identify the longboard that is right for you, measure your height. A good rule of thumb is that the width should be around 7.3 inches.

Your Favored Longboarding Style

There are many different longboarding styles that you can try, and each one has its own distinct benefits. The size of your longboard will also play a role in determining which style is right for you. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which style best suits your needs.

Multiple longboarding styles such as downhill, freestyle, cruising, and street style are available for enthusiasts to choose from. It all comes down to what you prefer. For those who want to practice freestyle boarding, a broader longboard is necessary.

If you’re looking to do more carving or cruising, a shorter longboard will give better results. So when it comes to your style, you can have an excellent longboarding experience regardless of the length of the board.

Some Other Essential Points

Aside from these two factors, you’ll notice a lot of important elements and features. The longboard’s entire component and design can influence.

Every component of the longboard serves a purpose to make your ride more enjoyable. The essential features, including the wheel, trucks, bearings, flex, deck, etc., all work together to give you the best experience possible. If you familiarize yourself with each part and how it works, then you can select the perfect longboard for your needs.

When it comes to purchasing a longboard, there are several things you should consider, including:


Age is a great determinant. As we say, age is just a number and while that’s true, it can still play an essential role in so many things – like the longboard you buy from the store. You will see that they have different longboards for teenagers and adults based on size. The youngsters will need a small and micro deck longboard while adults can use a large one. So when making your decision, consider your age group first.

Length and Wheelbase

The wheelbase measurement is the first and most crucial factor in choosing the right sized longboard. A longer and sturdier wheelbase guarantees a safe ride, while shorter ones make the board less balanced and harder to control at high speeds. Short-wheelbased boards also offer more turning ability than their counterparts with longer wheelbases; however, they sacrifices some stability for it. Conversely, boards with longer wheelbases are steadier when going fast but aren’t as good for sliding.”


The design of anything is just as important as its function. This rings true for both vehicles and sports equipment. An improvised form can often provide better service than expected.

Features and Styles of the Deck

When choosing a deck, you should consider various factors such as style, comfort, and physiognomy. Some decks are only suitable for experienced longboarders, so if you’re a beginner, you might not be able to use those. You should also follow new brands and quality standards in order to choose the right deck for you.

The Shape of the Deck

The shape of the deck is an important consideration when choosing a longboard. Decks can be either directional or symmetrical, and each type has its own advantages. Directional decks are better for cruising, downhill riding, and carving, while symmetrical decks are better for freeriding or freestyle longboarding. Knowing the specifications of each type of deck will help you choose the right one for your needs.

Board Flex

Board flex, or the ability of the board to bend, is one factor to consider when buying a longboard. Flex affects performance by influencing the firmness and grip of the board. Look for boards that are smooth, moderate, and resistant to flexing.


The trucks are a vital element of a longboard- they enable the rider to turn and curve the board. Be sure to select trucks that are about 6-10 inches in size, relative to the width of your deck. Properly assembled trucks will not only make turns easier, but also help prevent wheel bite.


For an awesome longboard, you need a fantastic set of longboard trucks and wheels. The wheels should be around 52-58 inches with great stability. These wheels can provide more friction and durability to the longboard even when going at high speeds.


Longboards are made of steel or ceramic bearings. The typical longboard has two bearings per wheel. They ensure that the wheels spin in the correct direction. If you buy a longboard with high-quality bearings, you will notice a significant difference in your performance. For skating and longboards, pick some top-notch quality like as Red Bearings, Bones Bearings, Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards, etc


You can’t dispute the significance of your longboard’s weight. Everyone prefers a longboard that they can carry and transport easily. It would be ideal for you if you picked a lighter, easier-to-handle board. You may take this light and portable board with you anywhere.

Spot your longboard size

Let’s figure out what size longboard you need according to your height and type of longboarding.


For anyone passionate about speed, downhill longboarding is the best style. It’s thrilling and can get your heart pumping Faster than any other type of riding. If you’re taller than 6.3 ft, you’ll need a 35-43 inch board, but if you’re above that height, you should buy a 37+ inch longboard.


Cruising on a longboard is flexible and easy-going, making it perfect for beginners. To make sure you have the best experience possible, consider these factors when choosing your board.

If you are 6.3 feet or shorter, you should buy a longboard that is 32-42 inches in size. If you are taller than 6.3 feet, your preferable size of a longboard should be 38+ inches .

Freeride and Freestyle

Freeride and freestyle are two types of skateboarding that include a of useful skills. Freeride and freestyle both necessitate a longboard with a good length. When performing freestyle longboarding, you’ll need plenty of room to execute those moves. You should pick a 38-42 inches longboard if your height is up to or more than 6.3 feet tall when doing freestyle longboarding.


It can be difficult to select the best longboard, but this article will provide you with some good tips. With this knowledge, you’ll not only have a great time longboarding yourself, but you can also share your newfound expertise with friends and family.

It’s not easy to communicate the distinctiveness of a fleck. These elements might vary from person to person. If you’re looking for a longboard, there’s no need for it to be the right one for everyone else. As a result, all of you will benefit from having the ideal longboard. Choose intelligently and get better treatment!

Some Queries

  • What is a better size of longboard for beginners?

When you’re a beginner, you may be wondering what kind of longboard is best for you. A medium-sized longboard will be the greatest choice for a novice. You’ll have the ability to keep riding safely thanks to it. Long and short ones are not appropriate options for novices. As a beginner, select a longboard between 32 and 42 inches in length. This range is ideal for receiving better service. With this journey, you will get a smooth and secure trip.

  • How long is a longboard?

The size of a longboard can depend on numerous factors such as the brand, quality and style. However, most longboards are approximately 84-150 centimeters or 33-59 inches in length. In addition, they tend to have a breadth of 22.8-25.4 centimeters or 9.0-10 inches., You’re likely to see swallowtails, pintails, drop-through decks and flat nose riders among other formates when you go shopping for a longboard.

  • What is the perfect length for a longboard?

The size of a longboard is determined by the individual’s needs. This ranges from 28 inches to 46 inches, and it differs depending on various longboarding styles. Various factors such as age, height, weight, and comfort levels contribute to the perfect size for an individual boarder.

  • What is the reason behind the longness of longboards comparing to the skateboard?

Longboards and skateboards can be customized in numerous ways. A longboard is a contemporary version of a skateboard. A skateboard is shorter than a longboard by a considerable margin. The longboard was developed for individuals who want an easy and pleasant riding experience. The additional length of the longboard was primarily due to its larger dimensions.

  • Is a longer longboard more comfortable to ride?

A longer longboard will generally provide more comfort and safety, but if it is too long for your height, then you may have some difficulty riding it. A smaller person needs a smaller longboard and vice versa for taller individuals. In order to avoid any issues, be sure to measure the right longboard for yourself before making a purchase.